Pokémon GO Simply Nostalgia Plus AR?

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Pokémon GO has received unbelievable popularity all over the world and even the servers couldn’t take it to sustain so many fans coming in swarms. Every Pokémon will definitely come for the nostalgia with a try.


Originated from the famous IP Pokémon, Pokémon GO is an AR adventure mobile game enabling you to combine the real world with the virtual Pokémon world through the camera on you devices. You could be a trainer in game to go out in the real world to search for wild monster and meet new friends along the gameplay. Pokémon GO is a perfect combination with the AR technology. As in the past Pokémon games we all always go into grass to search wild monsters, and this will be duplicated into reality! You will see many people holding a mobile phone and ignoring the “Keep off the Grass” signal, circling around in the grassland. They must be the enchanted Pokémon GO players!


Pokémon GO has gone beyond simply a game combining nostalgia and AR, it becomes so addictive that even the IP Block can’t stop fans. Their launch schedule was even delayed due to overcrowded players. But there are accidents caused by careless players focusing their eyes on the screens only. Above picture shows a player who got injured while he was totally focused on the game.


That’s not enough! You will be gooseflesh all over with this news: A man fell off the bridge while playing Pokémon GO! Pokémon GO will bring a behavior change more serious than Gangnam Style. It goes beyond being simply game. You need to go to specific places for some unique Pokémons, such as the Sandshrew in Darwin Police Station. So you have to stand up from chair and go out, it seems to be a good game by persuading players to go out from this point. But if you are too concentrated in game you may miss the signals of incoming dangers and get hurt. Maybe soon we will see a sign forbidding playing Pokémon GO on the road. Watch your road ahead, life is not as restorable as it is in the game!


Funnier is that someone has discovered a dead body while playing Pokémon GO! Also Pokémon GO may lead to unexpected places with surprises, helping us to find the beauties in life. I would say Pokémon GO will be the best mobile game mobile game for 2016, but we have more things to do than simply gaming.

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