ABE VR: An Rated Intensive Horror VR Film

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VR is featured with the immersive experience and many games have utilized this fashionable technology to bring a brand new gameplay to players. Many film producers also foresee the new era that VR will lead the industry to and have endeavored to present a new style to audience. In the past horror movies created the horrible scenes with exaggerating actions and musics, now VR can make it more intensively scary.


With so many difficulties to overcome, Hammerhead VR has recently released a cinematic VR film based on the multi-award winning short film, and Hollywood planned feature film, written and directed by Rob McLellan. This film, called ABE VR, is an intense experience about a misguided robot seeking the unconditional love of human at whatever cost.

Different from the normal films that we have to watch as a third person, ABE VR makes you the chosen victim and lets you experience the horror visually. Caution: Don’t take it too deep or it will scare the shit out of you! You can try now for free on Steam here.

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