League of Angels - Fire Raiders Update 3.3 Available Now

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Update 3.3 for League of Angels - Fire Raiders has just been released! GTArcade’s award-winning strategy RPG for mobile is kicking off June with a level cap increase, new Angels, and more! But the developer has also been listening to the players and agree that too much new content can become overwhelming and leave players with not enough time to do it all. GTArcade plans to slow the pace of updates and focus on expanding existing features.

League of Angels - Fire Raiders

Now let’s take a look at the new content coming to the League in Update 3.3.

Update 3.3 includes:

* League level cap increased to 100

   - Chapter 17: Ghastly Marsh

   - New Nobility title: Divine King

   - Increased Hero Quality max to Legendary+2

* New Angels: Cupid and Pandora

* New Astral Training: Leo and Cancer

* New Events Points Shop

* New Wave of Awakened Heroes: Atalanta, Amazon Hunter, Light Envoy, Minotaur

Level Cap Increase

With Update 3.3, the game’s level cap will be raised to 100. A new story chapter will be added to accommondate the level increase. Heroes can now be upgraded to Legendary+2 quality. Players will be able to earn a new nobility title, Divine King, and get greater rewards for their activeness. Also Draconia, the latest Paragon hero, has been included in the Emblem system and available in the Ultimate Tournament Shop.

League of Angels - Fire Raiders

New Angels

The Angels Cupid and Pandora are joining the League of Angels. Players should remember Pandora as a boss from the Demon Invasion. But this once fallen Angel has been redeemed and now fights for the League! On the opposite spectrum, the lovely Cupid has also made her way to the League, and her arrows of love always strike true.

League of Angels - Fire Raiders

New Astral Training

Two new Astral Trainings, Leo and Cancer, are now available, allowing players to customize their heroes even further! Achieve the perfect stats for your heroes and show the world their true potential.

League of Angels - Fire Raiders

New Awakened Heroes

Another wave of Awakened Heroes is here! This wave includes the classic favorites Atalanta and Amazon Hunter along with the powerful Light Envoy and Minotaur.

*Awakened Heroes gain an additional combat skill, bonus stats, and more advanced character models.

League of Angels - Fire Raiders

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