Overwatch New Heroes and Maps

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Author: MMOsite Writer Daniel Csaki


Overwatch just kicked off and already we can hear rumors about upcoming content. We are quite convinced that many of you are currently enjoying your time in Overwatch and it is hard to imagine that you will get bored of the current content anytime soon.


During the Overwatch All-Stars event Michael Chu, Blizzard’s Senior Designer already mentioned new maps and heroes. The current lineup of heroes in Overwatch is quite pleasing and it will take some time to try them all and get to know their background stories. New maps in online shooters are always exciting, but for now, the current ones are sufficient to entertain.


Currently, there are 3 of each type of map, Assault, Escort, Hybrid and Control. The Hollywood Hybrid map for one is extremely exciting to play on, but so is the Temple of Anubis Assault map. The current state of Overwatch is just the beginning of a long an exciting journey and we are sure that there are plenty of more things to be added to the game eventually. Such basis has endless possibilities and it is not impossible that we will get to see new game modes added later on.


As for the heroes, many of you probably checked out the amazing Animated shorts that did a great job at presenting characters like Hanzo and Genji, and we can probably expect more to come in the near future.

We will do our best to bring more details about the maps and heroes that are in development and until then, we hope you have a great time in Overwatch which is now officially available.

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