Taichi Panda Gets New Guild War Mode and More in Divinity Update

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Snail Games’ mobile dungeon crawler and action RPG, Taichi Panda, has launched a new update today, adding new game modes and features including a mount-based PvP arena, new Demigod and Pet Enhancements, a new Talisman, and much more, further expanding on the game’s core RPG and online multiplayer elements.

The update, entitled the Divinity Update will include a number of new features, bug fixes and optimizations to core game mechanics, including:

* New customizable and upgradeable cosmetic outfits for all characters

* A new Demigod to raise - Black Tortoise


* New Pet Enhancements and skins available for Miss Pixie, Vile Spirit, Green Dragon and Sharpshooter

* A powerful new Talisman - Pure Heaven Record

* A new 8v8 mount-based PvP Arena – Ancient Battlefield


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