Bite the Beauties as a Mosquito in HappyBiting VR

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Hey guys, did you ever dream of being a mosquito that can bite anyone as you wish? Now you can experience it in a new game named HappyBiting VR. It's a causal VR game developed by Chinese game studio Vision Interactive, and has just been Greenlit!

In HappyBiting VR, you play as a mechanical mosquito from the future world. In order to purify the human blood that was polluted by the environment, you use the time machine to come back to the 21 century with the purpose of observing girls and getting enough DNA samples to save the future of mankind.

HappyBiting VR

While sucking the blood of girls, you should avoid the attack of pesticides, remove mosquito traps, collect items and attack girl's sensitive points. Currently there are 2 scenes available, which are bedroom and bathroom. Players can choose from 2 girls and ten sets of clothes.

HappyBiting VR

The game supports HTC VIVE & Oculus Rift DK2. More contents will come in the future, just stay tuned.

HappyBiting VR

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