ELOA Crafting Guide

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Production enables players to craft essential items that are needed in ELOA.

Production Skills

You can learn only one of the four production skills: Accessories, Armor, Weapons, or Alchemy. Production skills are unlocked after you reach level 5, and you can learn them from production artisans in various different areas on the continent. You can also hire artisans to craft items for you.



Reinforcement allows you to enhance the abilities of your equipment, and can be performed through blacksmith NPCs. To reinforce an item you need a reinforcement stone, which can be obtained through quests and through disassembling items.

Socket Drilling

Socket drilling/crafting is a process that enables your equipment to be enhanced by inserting a jewel. Socket crafting requires socketable items, and a socket crafter NPC who can drill sockets into your equipment.

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