Black Desert Sorceress Feature Overview

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Sorceress is a female mage of Black Desert Online who uses dark magic to beat enemies. She is a mixture of ranged spells and melee combat and such combination is rather interesting. Basic attacks of Sorcerer allow her to regenerate Manna and it’s one of the most important features. One of the core differences from typical arcane mages is that Sorceress doesn’t only attack from distance.


Like Ranger class, Sorceress has low Health and Defense. Her general armor type is leather which doesn’t give enough protection. Though the class has to fight in melee combat a lot you can’t do it using “tanky” style.


When achieving level 56, Sorceress has an opportunity to become more powerful by Weapon Awakening. Her exclusive new weapon death scythe dramatically expands Sorceress’s melee attack range, dealing devastating AOE damages to the enemies around her.

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