Black Desert Berserker/Giant Feature Overview

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Berserker, also known as Giant, is a character in Black Desert unleashing indiscriminate attack with two double edged axes. He also has skill of such that jumps high in air then striking the foe with powerful smash.


Their robust size and strength allows them to be a little more on the tanky side, while not being a "tank", which opens the door to front line engagements in group fights and sieges, where they are a welcome addition due to their ability to decently lock down groups.

Although they can struggle with mobility issues for solo PvP, and a lack of any real ability to disengage from fights. Leaving players only one real option, beat the living daylights out of anything in front of them, and if it hits back, hit it back harder!


The class allows for new players to easily pick up and play them, and while not offering the highest level of growth for expert play, it certainly will provide a lot of fun for those interested in a high octane chaotic brawling play style.

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