Black Desert KR Introduces Bounty and Jail System

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The Korean version of Black Desert Online has revealed many new features for their upcoming update which introduces Bounty & Jail System as well as two new party dungeons named Akman Temple and Ruins of Histria.


The Valencia region has been turned into a War Zone with significantly reduced Karma penalties and the removal of death penalties aside from EXP loss on death. The addition of a Bounty & Jail System is a nice change for those wanting to get in on the PvP Action. In the Valencia zone, penalties for player killing (and dying) have been reduced, while those participating can rack up positive or negative karma that could lead to a bounty hunting-type situation.


Two new towns will be added, the first town called Arehaja Village, a place where players with normal Karma can gather around and perhaps pick up daily quests for hunt down the players with bounties. And the second town is Mui Kun, a place where bandits or ninja PK'ers are going to hang out.


In addition, players will see two new open-world dungeons named Akman Temple and Ruins of Histria. Steparu strongly recommend entering the dungeon with a party, this probably is the first Party Content to be introduced in Black Desert Online.




Feel free to check out the Massive GvG videos below:

Source: Steparu, Official Black Desert KR Website

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