Super Dancer Tailor System and Gasha System

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The newly added system—Tailor System! Without diamonds but really hope to have a new look by your efforts? Sounds so great, right? Ok, let’s make your dream come true:


From the Tailor System, you can refresh three new costumes every day! But no pains, no gains. To get the new costumes, you have to make efforts by completing some small tasks, like collecting some fragments, accumulating perfect beats and so on. Be determined to complete these tasks please! Besides, these costumes are all permanent~ Once you get the Tailor costumes, they can belong to you forever and you’ll never be afraid of their disappearance~ Here is the some screenshots of the Tailor system:




❣Gasha System❣
Don’t stop the beats! Draw your luck by the Gasha system! In game, there will be total three types of Gasha~ You can collect different items to get chance for Gasha! Great rewards are containing in the Gasha! Of course, different types of Gasha have different returns. Try your luck in the Gasha system!
The Gasha draw is also divided into single Draw and multi Draw. Single draw can only do once at a time, while multi draw allows players do several Gasha at the same time. No matter you want to draw only once or several times, it is all decided by you!



Besides, dancers can also take some time for a free chance of Gasha! Is it so considerate? Just join on time and you can finally hug your great rewards! Super Dancer has everything that you expect to find!