Super Dancer Style System and Time Fissure

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❋Style System❋
Now, let’s talk about Style System.



In Super Dancer, there will be a unique Style Ranking list. Dancers can win corresponding rewards by their style ranking on the list. Diamonds are waiting for you! The ranking will follow your current Style points. In current version, each pieces of costume or accessory has certain Style point. Once you gain the costume, your Style points will be added with it. Yes, it is not only the costumes in the Mall will add your Style points. Costumes in Tailor, Gasha or Time Fissure will also add you the Style points. As long as you possess a new costume, your Style points will also get increase!

Still feel it is not enough? No problem, Style Enhancement can help you out!
Here, you can increase your Style points from the enhancement by consuming the corresponding starsouls. After that, you can get extra Style points of the current costumes.



Cool dance, fancy function and eye-popping graphics are all in Super Dancer!
➠➠Time Fissure➠➠
Time Fissure is the system where dancers can challenge with others and get the rich rewards! Apart from EXP and gold, new enhancement materials and Star Wish Coinswill also be contained!



In Time Fissure, there are many stages are waiting to be challenged. Dancers will have to challenge different songs with different difficulty. The system will arrange your opponent with similar level randomly. When you have higher scores than your opponent in the end, you will be the winner at this stage. Of course, the stages behind will be more difficult than the previous one. But you will also get richer rewards than the previous stages!



Here tell you a secret for how to get a higher score~ When you have a higher Style points, your additional scores at the current stage will be higher. It will greatly increase the probability of completing the current stage! And once you have collected certain amount of Star Wish Coins, you can exchange the coins for more new costumes!