Super Dancer Social System & Wedding System

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♞Social System♞
The most necessary function in Super Dancer is the Social System. Today we will have a brief introduction of this powerful function. Simple instructions with high practicability!


⇛‘All’ page
This page will show all rolenames of the online players in the current channel.
⇛‘Friend’ page
This page will show all rolenames of your added friends.
⇛‘Nearby’ page
This page will show the players nearby.
⇛‘Family’ page
This page will show all rolenames of your family members.
⇛‘Follow’ page
This page will show whom has added you as friend by their sides.
⇛‘Commend’ Page
This page will show whom the system has recommended to you.
⇛‘Info’ page
Click it to show the detailed information of the current selected player.
Is it so simple and convenient to check your social pages? Really looking forward to meeting you in Super Dancer!

♚Wedding System ♚
Players can propose his/her ideal partner in the 3D community—Couple Aisle.


The proposal is in form of ‘Mail’ to your ideal partner. When your ideal partner has confirmed your proposal, both of you can apply for the Wedding ceremony in Couple Aisle.
At the Wedding ceremony, as long as both of you have dance in the same room and finally get the grade A together, the wedding is officially recognized. The newly couple can create the wedding room with unlimited times within 24 hours, until their marriage is successfully recognized.
The couple will have their own wedding rings showing over the head.
After successfully being the couple, as long as the couple have dance together in the same room with Free Moder or Sync Mode (not included Couple Mode), both of them can get the Couple EXP. The couple can upgrade their rings in Couple Aisle and have a more brilliant ring.
Couple Aisle.