Super Dancer Garden System

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Want to be the super charming dancer in Super Dancer? Want to see how popular of yourself in Super Dancer? Enjoy it in the Dance Garden.



Dancers can cultivate the flowers by the seeds, fertilizer and gems gained from the game. There will be count down area showing on the cultivating flowers. After the flowers have turned to be matured, you can collect them into the backpack.



In the dance garden, you can cultivate and plant different kinds of flowers. The cultivated flowers will have different charming points.
There are totally two types of Bloom in the garden: Combined Bloom and Diamond Bloom.



After the flower has been matured, you can gift your flower to other dancers. Don’t worry~ The gift of flower will increase both of you and your receiver’s charm points at the same time~
And if you have Diamond Bloom, you can choose to Dress or Gift it. If you Dress it, that means only you can obtain the charm points from it.