Black Desert Online Class Spotlight -- Beast Master

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Beast Master Introduction:


Beast Master, also known as the Tamer, is a summoner class in Black Desert Online, the class won't use cold steel weapons, but of course her pet will always protect her and take orders from her, the bond between a Tamer and their Companion is unshakeable.


The Character has weak defense and attack is mostly based on the special pet commands. Besides the pet, Tamer has additional weapons - a short sword. It is used to attack enemies who approached within a short distance. One of the distinguishing features of the class is the ability to use your pet as a means of transportation.

Play Style

Tamers are by nature aligned towards ambush attacks in Black Desert, due to their ability to overwhelm opponents by utilizing their pets mimic attack to turn fights into two versus one. However the risk being the time limitation on the pet, prolonged fights or mishandling your pet can result in a winnable fight being lost very quickly.


Perhaps one of the best at solo PvP in the game, makes them quite enjoyable for an assassin type of play style, and certainly welcome within group play although large scale PvP can severely limit utility due to a lacking in toughness.


New players will find the class fairly forgiving and easy to play in PvE, and ample room to grow for expert level play. There is a bit of a learning curve involving the management of your pet, with a little patience it can be easily mastered.

Black Wolf

The summoned Black Wolf currently obeys the orders from Beast Master, including cooperative skill, attacking, following and waiting. Even if without an order, Black Wolf playing the role as a tank still is a great helper when combating higher level rivals.


Black Wolf is not perfect so far, for example, when boss use wild range killing skill, Black Wolf will run stupidly to attack the boss. But if player summons it in time, Black Wolf will immediately be tamed. But the skills of Beast Master cannot work well and even cannot be used once Black Wolf touches water, no matter when it is sitting on the water or falling into water.


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