Taichi Panda Gets Spooky in Halloween Patch

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Mobile action RPG Taichi Panda from Snail Games has released a new patch this week to get in the spirit of Halloween. The patch includes new Halloween-themed skins and outfits to celebrate the holiday.

Freaks Unleashed - Halloween Coming Soon!

The new Halloween Patch includes a number of new game features as well as bug fixes and optimizations to core game mechanics, including:

Taichi Panda

*  New look of the town area

*  New in-game titles with stats boost

*  New Halloween outfits for five classes

*  Special Halloween Events

*  Optimizations and fixes to the existing Character Switch Function, 3v3 Battle League and more

Taichi Panda

Interested players can download the pack and install it directly in game to upgrade their existing Taichi Panda application. To learn more about the Halloween Patch and the new features, please visit the official website.

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