Echo of Soul: PvP

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Echo of Soul

For intense and strategic PvP action, take a group or queue up solo for a 15 vs. 15 battlefield with randomly matched opponents and allies. Available as early as level 10, stats and gear are normalized between all participating players for a fair fight. Claim victory to earn experience, gold, and points to trade for awesome items and PvP gear!

Enter Mettle's Theater and race to be the first team to score 10,000 points! Spread your forces around the battlefield to capture the five towers which steadily earn points for your team. Don't forget to send a strike force to kill the neutral NPC for bonus points!

Echo of Soul

Check out Tribulation's Vale for a different style of gameplay. Travel down the five lanes connecting each team's base and struggle with the enemy over the resource nodes spawning at the halfway points. Collect the most resources to win!

Echo of Soul

Master both battlefields and fight for fame and fortune during each Player vs. Player season!

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