Echo of Soul Guide: Hard Knocks Quests

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Did you know you can get Magic Lamps through ingame quests?

Currently there are two quests that, amongst other items, reward Magic Lamps.

Echo of Soul

Once you are level 7 or above, you can get these quests from the NPC called 'Monica', which can be found in all major cities.

The first of these NPCs that you will encounter during leveling is located in Mnemos Town, once you have freed this area from evil and damnation.

The first quest 'Hard Knock Life' will give you items that are useful for leveling, as well as a previously mentioned Magic Lamp.

You will receive these items from the quest:

1 x Magic Lamp of the current season
1 x School Hat (Blue)
1 x Average Bag
2 x Server Loudspeaker
1 x Levina's Blessing - 2 Hours
5 x Njord's Blessing
5 x Edun's Blessing
1 x Safeguard
2 x Appraiser's Pouch
2 x Hourglass - 1 Day

The second quest 'School of Hard Knocks' is recommended for level 60, as it will not only reward Magic Lamps, but also useful items for high level game content.

You will receive these items from the quest:

10 x Magic Lamp of the current season
1 x School Uniform (Blue)
1 x Punisher's Quiver (Blue)
10 x Dungeon Ticket
5 x Safeguard
5 x Enhancement Booster
1 x Appraiser's Lens

How do these quests work?

1.) Accept the quest
2.) Buy the required item from the ingame shop (alt+c)
3.) Hand in the quest.
4.) Claim the reward!

Echo of Soul

The quest 'Hard Knock Life' requires the Magic Lamp Repair Kit.

Echo of Soul

For 'School of Hard Knocks' you need to acquire the Lucky Pendant.

Echo of Soul

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