Echo of Soul: Jewels and Runes

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Echo of Soul

Use jewels to enhance weapons and armor in Echo of Soul. There are seven types of Jewels, each corresponding to a different type of equipment.

Jewel Type Equipment Attribute
Ruby Weapon ATK Increase
Onyx Headgear CRIT Acc Increase
Topaz Upper Body Max HP Increase
Sapphire Gloves ACC increase
Peridot Belt Piercing Increase
Emerald Lower Body DEF Increase
Amethyst Shoes EVA Increase

Jewels themselves can be enhanced by fusing jewels of the same level into higher-level jewels. You can collect jewels while hunting and use them to enhance all sorts of items.

In addition to Jewels, you can use Runes to upgrade your weapons with elemental attack damage. Runes can also be used on accessories, granting elemental defense.

Echo of Soul

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