Echo of Soul: Magic Egg System

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"Hey stranger… Have you heard about magic eggs? Those eggs do not look as simple and common as it sounds like. Listen to me… It is said that a long time ago, ancient dragons reigning on the continent of Dragoeia were bitter rivals of the deities. Full of themselves, they waged war against the gods and the result was the extinction of the ancient dragon race and their continent. The magic eggs of those dragons are the last proof of their existence… It is impossible to evaluate their worth..."

The Old Bard

Echo of Soul

Echo of Soul has a feature directly in-game using Magic Eggs. Those rare fantasy eggs can be acquired by playing through the game and will allow their owners to get cash items without using Aeria Points! This feature was implemented in order to reward all types of players! The aim is to provide the best possible gaming experience to both paying and non-paying users.

With those magic eggs, the player can get the following items:

  • Njord's Blessing
  • Edun's Blessing
  • Magic Lamps Safeguards
  • Dungeon Tickets

In order to exchange your eggs, you will need to talk to the Magic Egg Merchant. This merchant is following your progress from the shadows and is present in the main cities of the world of Echo Of Soul. You will find the Magic Egg Merchant at the Mezzanine in Ignea.

Echo of Soul

There are multiple ways to get magic eggs:

  • Attendance login reward
  • Level reward
  • Level 60 Daily quests
  • GM Events

Note: This feature is new and is work in progress, there will be changes over time.

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