Echo of Soul: Infinite Dungeons and Valhalla

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I've hit the level cap, but I still want to play some Solo PvE.

The sky's the limit! Enter the Infinite Dungeon...

Echo of Soul

Once you've leveled up completely, you can still experience new gameplay in the Infinite Dungeon.
Like other dungeons, the Infinite Dungeon is divided into Solo and Party versions.
However, the number of entries is limited.

So, how do I enter the Infinite Dungeon?

There are two ways to enter an Infinite Dungeon.

1. You can enter Infinite Dungeons using the in-game shortcut (H-key).
2. You can also enter Infinite Dungeons via the portal in Ignea, the capital of Heliana!

Echo of Soul

Soulkeeper's Challenge, Stage 1 (Required level: 60; Equipment Lv: 560 or above)

You can enter Infinite Dungeons up to 30 times a week.
Without Dungeon Tickets, there's no way to exceed this limit, but it does reset automatically every week.
You can always gain extra entries by using Dungeon Tickets.

How do I check my Equipment Level?

You can check your current equipment level under your character's level in the Character Info window (P).
Your total Equipment Level is the sum of all items you currently have equipped.
Please note that accessories DO NOT increase your equipment level.

Echo of Soul

Every time you enter an Infinite Dungeon, even when repeating a stage,
you'll have a new map and new monsters to fight.

In Infinite Dungeons, you'll have to defeat all the monsters in a given area to move on to the next area.

Battle ferociously to acquire Essence of Courage

Valhalla: Where Guilds Fight for Glory

Echo of Soul

The dark, atmospheric realm of Valhalla

Valhalla is the only region in Echo of Soul where you can acquire Essence of Courage.
Essence of Courage is essential for top-tier equipment crafting.
You can acquire it only in Valhalla, either by collecting it or by killing monsters.

Echo of SoulEssence of Courage:

An essential ingredient for professions that require Lv60 or above. It can be acquired in Valhalla, either through collection or by conquering foes.

Valhalla is only accessible to guilds that have declared war on at least five other guilds.
You can enter Valhalla by talking to the Valhalla Entry Guide in Ignea.
The guide will let you choose which part of Valhalla you want to travel to.

When you're ready to leave, talk to the exit guide.

Echo of Soul

Who knew the battle for resources could be so ferocious?
Killing monsters in Valhalla provides far more Essence of Courage than simply collecting it.
Fight hard to prove your skill!

Who will be victorious on the field of battle?
Only the bravest will prevail!

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