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League of Angels - Fire Raiders


A tribal chief and guard of the mythical labyrinth, the Minotaur is not to be messed with.

Support mages with high attack
"Can you solve my riddle?"


Damage 3 enemies with lowest HP, and chance to stun them for 2 rounds
Places a totem of bloodthirst on the battle field, damaging 3 enemies with most HP and inflicts bleed for 2 rounds. (Bleed damage equal to a percentage of their max HP)

Places a soul totem on the battle field, healing 3 teammates with the lowest HP and increasing their attacks for 2 rounds.

Places a totem of blessing on the battle field, granting shield to 2 teammates with the highest HP with an one time immunity that last 2 rounds while reducing damage received.

[Starting Stars]:3 Star

[Skill Breakdown]

Let’s first discuss the Minotaur’s skill mechanics. His skills are comparable to that of the Hell Hound. Skill 2, 3 and 4 are cast repeatedly and in order. The ultimate is cast when the Rage Meter is full. After testing the order of the Minotaur’s totems for around 80 times, the order they appear in are Bloodlust Totem, Guardian Totem and lastly Soul Totem. At this point, the Minotaur’s Rage Bar should be full. If Minotaur’s Rage was affected by enemy skills, he will cast skills in above order until Rage is full.

The Ultimate Ultimate: Since the Minotaur is considered a Support Hero, it is not practical to rely on him to deal massive damage. Although his ultimate does limited damage, contain and control is the main function of his Ult. It damages 3 enemies with the lowest HP and has a chance to stun for two turns. After much testing we reached the conclusion that Minotaur’s Ult does not end up killing enemies but does a fantastic job at containing.

Skill 2 Bloodlust Totem: This skill can be considered as an opener for the Minotaur. Although the damage done is not tremendous, but he hits multiple targets and for two turns, giving you an instant advantage.

Skill 3 Soul Totem: This skill heals a little amount of friendly HP, although not enough to completely heal, it is sufficient to keep heroes alive to deal damage for one more turn. The skill also boosts damage for 2 turns.

Skill 4 Guardian Totem: With the meta favoring control type heroes, it is extra important to have a immunity shield that also reduces damage taken. Take Zwiheinder for example, he is completely different before and after his Ult.

Skill Conclusion: This Hero is best at containing enemies and sustaining friendly heroes.

Rune Buff:HP, Physical Defence, Magic Defence, Agility, Resilience. Upgrade Rune in this order: Agility, HP, Physical Defence, Resilience, Magic Defence. Analysis:Minotaur takes relatively less damage in the back row, so no need to focus on defence early on. Agility makes sure Minotuar can sustain his allies in time.

League of Angels - Fire Raiders

Rune Analysis:As a strong support hero, his Rune characteristics are similar to that of the Light Envoy. Minotaur is technically a half DPS half Support Hero. Not having an Attack Rune is a big draw back of his, but this makes him the strongest back row support. Amazon or the Headless Horseman, no hero can bring down the Minotaur by themselves.

[Obtain Method]:Super Divination

[Position]:Back Row Support

[Pros]:Skills make the Minotaur and his team survive longer, he is also able to contain the opposing team.

[Cons]: Rune and Skill are incompatible, Bloodthirst Totem requires the boost of Attack Runes that the Minotaur does not have, causing the damage of the Minotaur to be less then desirable.

[Obtain Method]:Mystic Divination

[Overall Analysis]:Minotaur is a Support Tank, has the ability to stun, increase defence and heal. As an well rounded hero, he can be part of many compositions, especially in Arena defence.

[Composition Reasoning]:Has damage and sustain, especially when paired with Hell Hound. Defence oriented hero.

[Recommended Composition]:

As soon as Minotaur was released, expert players started putting him in various compositions here are a few for consultation:

First Composition:Minotaur+Mountain King+Headless Horseman+Hell Hound+Night


Second Composition:Minotaur+Valkyrie+Earth+Night Sentinel+Berserker Claw

Third Composition:Minotaur+Light Envoy+Arcane Spirit+Snow Queen+Grimbow

Fourth Composition:Minotaur+Light Envoy+Mountain King+Hell Hound+Hecate

As a new Legendary Hero of LOA-Fire Raiders, Minotaur has strong Totemic powers, your league will be much stronger with the Minotaur’s addition.