Hell Hound

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Tester: Max

League of Angels - Fire Raiders

1. General Evaluation

Hell Hound holds great sway over the battlefield. The ultimate of Hell Hound target enemies with lowest HP and highest Rage, absorbing HP and Rage. Hell Hound is also able to protect friendies with his aura, lowering incomning damage. The hellhound is a night nare for enemies at the rear and will cause great damage to the whole team under certain situation. In a nut shell, Hell Hound is exellent both defensively and offensively.

Weakness: Low hit chance, can take great crit damage, lacks magic immunity, can be contained

Recommended Position: Tank

Beginning Star: 3 stars

League of Angels - Fire Raiders

2. Skill Description

Skill 1: Hell Hound bites ferociously and attacks 3 targets with the lowest HP then absorbs their HP and Rage;

Skill 2: Attacks the enemy with the highest HP, damaging the target ans absorbing HP.

Skill 3: Protects the teammates to the rear and decreases any damages they suffer for 2 rounds.HP.

Skill 4: Attack the enemy with the highest Rage. Deals damage and absorbs the target’s Rage.

Skill Evaluation:

1. Activate skill to attack the 3 enemies with lowest HP

2. Skill number 2 is not very useful as it attacks the enemy with the highest HP.

3. Activate skill to protect friendly heroes in the front row for 2 turns, great to keeping damage dealing heroes in the back row alive.

4. Hell Hound damages the enemy with highest rage while absorbing rage. The ability of damaging others while empowering self makes this the best skill of Hell Hound. Hell Hound is a great secondary Tank. As a warrior with the power of lifesteal, protecting friendlies and prioritizing weak and dangerous targets also makes him a great support able to last hit. Whether used for damage or defence, Hell Hound is a necessary addition to your ranks!

League of Angels - Fire Raiders

3. Rune Bonus

HP、Physical Attack、Crit、Agility、Physical Defence
Rune Bonus Breakdown:

According to his skills’ ability to deal great AOE damage while protecting your team, investing in HP, Physical Attack and Crit Defence makes Hell Hound a great tank. Prioritize HP, then Crit followed by Physical damage, Physical Defence and Agility in last place. Try to focus on making Hell Hound more sustainable so he can control the battle for a longer period of time.