General Intro: Dragon Queen

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A genius archer with remarkable control skills – Dragon Queen

Keywords: Great hit rate, assistant archer, defense team

League of Angels - Fire Raiders

The Dragon Queen was ousted from her throne by a terrible usurper. She has vowed revenge and is traomomg three cute little dragons for her comeback.
An archer who can deal massive damage. -  "I will reclaim the throne that is rightfully mine."


Dragon Soul

Shoots arrows of judgment at the enemy with the lowest HP, damaging and stunning him for 2 rounds; and to the enemy with the highest rage, damaging and decreasing his hit for 2 rounds. ( Effect will be added together if there is only one target.)

Fire Dragon

The dragon turns into a blazing flame, deals damage to the enemy with the highest attack, burns and decreases the attack for 2 rounds.

Frost Scale

Shoots frost scales to 2 enemies with the highest rage, deals damage and decreases rage.

Dragon's Descent

Awakes her dragon power to increase her attack and the defense of her allies.

Skill Breakdown:

1. Quick elimination: her first skill targets enemies with the lowest HP and with the highest rage; downsizes the enemy team with great efficiency.

2.  Various control and interference skills: she can stun enemies, decrease their hit rate, reduce rage, disrupting and disabling enemy output.

3. Great support capabilities: the 4th skill increases her own attack, and reduce injury for the whole team.

Hidden capacity: She is qualified with Evolution ability; a special skill will be unlocked for her after the Evolution.

NOTE: The Evolution function will be released in the near future.


League of Angels - Fire Raiders