Echo of Soul: Crafting and Guilds

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Professions enrich the world of EOS!

Professions and Their Interaction

Echo of Soul

* The three professional NPCs you first meet in Mnemos.

Once you reach level 7, you can learn a profession by talking to one of the professional NPCs in Mnemos.
These professional NPCs' titles are marked on the map to help you find them more easily.
If you don't seize the opportunity to learn a profession in Mnemos, never fear!
You can learn a profession from any professional NPC at any time.

-Jewelers are able to craft jewels which enhance your items and accessories.
-Alchemists can craft healing scrolls and potions which are more powerful than those that general merchants offer.
-Resource collectors are able to collect various ores and herbs in the field.

You can choose only one of the aforementioned professions (jeweler, alchemist, or resource collector).

So, where do jewelers and alchemists get the ingredients they need for crafting? Why, from resource collectors, of course!

Echo of Soul

This is how the three professions interact with each other.
However, there's no need to trade ingredients for finished products.
Instead, you can buy and sell everything you need at the marketplace!

Although you are limited to one profession, it's a whole different story when it comes to hobbies.
You can have two!

Echo of Soul

Using skills consumes your energy. Luckily, you can recover energy by eating food!
However, your character's stomach has its limits, which means there's only so much food you can eat in a given time frame.
Your character's satiety (fullness) decreases over time.
You should always try to eat meals that give you lots of energy without filling you up!

If you choose cooking as your hobby, you can use your skills as a chef to make meals with more
energy than those that general merchants offer.

However, if you're more interested in making scrolls that give you the edge in battle, you might want to become a Soul Expert.

Echo of Soul

*Soul Fragments are the ingredients of choice for soul experts.

You can craft scrolls that increase your CRIT, Piercing, Accuracy, and ATK
by using the four different types of Soul Fragments.

A scroll's effect has a limited duration, so be sure to stock up!

The essences that Soul Experts make
can also be used as ingredients by members of other professions.

If you'd like to abandon your profession or hobby and learn another,
you'll have to go to a professional NPC that has your current profession and ask them to remove it.
Want to quit being an alchemist? Talk to an alchemist NPC!

Remember: resetting your profession or hobby also resets your Skill EXP! Even if you take up one of your old professions or hobbies, you'll have to accumulate EXP all over again.

Creation and Destruction

Guilds: The Power of Working Together

Once you're a little more familiar with the world of EOS, you might start thinking about joining a guild or even creating your own!
Guilds are groups of players that work together for a common goal.
You can chat with your guildmates and team up to take on powerful enemies!

So, how do you create a guild?

First of all, your character has to have reached level 20.
It's important that only committed players start guilds - otherwise things would be a mess!

Also, Guild creation costs 1 Gold.
If your character is at least level 20 and can pay the requisite fee, you can create a guild in one of the following towns:
Mnemos (Levens), Ignea (Heliana), Rimen (Portus), or Laterna (Rodby).

To get started, talk to one of the guild managers located in these towns

Echo of Soul

*There are plenty of rules for creating a guild, but none for joining one!

If you choose to disband your guild, please keep the following in mind:

1. Only the guild leader can disband a guild.
2. Guilds can't be disbanded in the middle of a war.
3. The disbandment process takes seven days, during which the guild leader can't create or join another guild.
4. During those seven days, you have one opportunity to restore the guild.

Once you've created a guild, you can get out there and start recruiting members!
Guilds enjoy many benefits and in-game features, including special buffs and abilities!
Then there's the big one: guild wars.

Guilds default to a peaceful state when they are first created.
You have to switch to a hostile state before you can participate in a guild war.

Echo of Soul

The guild leader (and any members given authority by that leader) can declare war on other hostile guilds.
However, the action doesn't get started right away: each participating guild has seven days to prepare for combat.
Guild wars last for seven days and can take place anywhere except Mnemos, Ignea, Rimen, and Laterna.

Please keep in mind that a guild's status can't be changed for the first two days of a guild war.

If you ever cross paths with a member of a hostile guild, they will be marked in red (just like monsters) and you can challenge them to PvP combat!

However, this doesn't apply to areas in which combat isn't allowed.

Echo of Soul

Guild rankings are based on guild war scores.

To view guild rankings, press "G" to bring up the Guild Window.
Then, click the "Guild Ranking" button.
Of course, you don't have to be in a guild or involved in a guild war to view guild rankings.

With hard work and perseverance, you can get your guild to the top of the rankings in no time!

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