Brief Introduction to In-game Systems

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The mobile game League of Angels has been designed from its browser turn-based version. A variety of Heroes has lots of splendid skills. In-game Angels can stun players. If players like the browser version before, they won’t be disappointed when they play the game on mobile devices. Here is a brief introduction to the in-game systems and related functions, which will tell you all you need to know.

 [Gold System]
The main way for players in League of Angels Mobile to earn Gold is from the Gold Trial and Gold Exchange. Gold is rare but important to players at the beginning of the game. It can be used to purchase items from the store, upgrade Heroes and Angels’ skills and compose equipment. Keep checking the Heroes system and the Angels system to figure out how to use your Gold wisely.

[Exploration System]
Players can take part in Explorations once they start the game. They can clear a chapter to get the corresponding rewards. When they earn 3 stars in a stage, they will be allowed to Blitz and automatically clear the stage in a flash. Exploration is the main way to get Heroes’ equipment, earn lots of Exp Potions and upgrade the league’s level. Heroes’ Soulstones earned from elite mode is an important resource to upgrade Heroes’ star level.

[Angel System]
There are 12 available Angels in the game and more to come, which can be divided into 4 types based on their skills, including Damage, Heal, Control. In League of Angels, players can summon an Angel to fight side by side once they collect 10 Angel Soulstones. Angels are different from each other because of their Aura and Skills. Better quality Angels’ Aura can get a bigger bonus. They also have more powerful skills.

 [Arena System]
The Arena will be unlocked once players reach certain level. It is important for players to show what they can do and get game resources. When players get a higher rank in the Arena for the first time, they will get Diamonds as a reward. The system will give away rewards every day according to the players’ ranks. Players can also earn Arena Tokens, claim rewards and buy items from the Arena Shop. Players can also get powerful Heroes such as Zweihander, Night Sentinel and Djinni from the Arena. However, things don’t stand still in the Arena, so it is a good idea to adjust your defending formation.

  [Exciting Events]
There are series of events in game. Players can get lots of rewards from these events.

Players can keep their equipments and itemss they collected in the Package. They can view a detailed introduction of items’ and even sell their spare items in the Package.

Hope these tips help and enjoy the game!