Brief Intro: Mysterious Count

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 Mysterious Count – the best remote group-attacker with high attack and high crit rate now joined the League

The Blood People are descendants of early vampire/human communities.

Though they still feed on blood, they make sure never to kill their victims and are also strong supporters of the Angels.

A warrior who can deal massive damage. "You will taste true fear."



Cursed Sword
Unseal the curse of his dark sword to deal damage to enemies in his row and enemies in rear line, additionally have a chance to stun one target in his row that is in the rear line, for 2 rounds.

Toxic Flash

In each round, he has a chance to summon a dark sword to deal damge to random targets for 5 times, and additionally poison up to 3 random targets.

Sword of Blood

A sword that gets stronger the more target it kills.

Nether Sense

Enhance his sense to perceive enemy's weakness. Increases Crit.

Skill Evaluation:

1. Cause great group damage from remote: Cursed Sword attack 4 enemies that in his row and in rear line lines; His normal attack can trigger Toxic Flash that damage 5 random targets – a super killer covered all enemies.
2. Highest attack attributes: Cursed Sword and Nether Sense can significantly improve his attack and crit – he is the only hero in LOA-Fire Raiders who has this ability.
3. Warrior physique: Has the characteristic of a typical warrior that can fight with enemy and also good in self-protection.


Summary: Do not mistakenly think he is a archer, he is actually a warriorwith strong physique. What especially frightening is hi high attack and high crit. The great group attack capability will collapse any battle team in front of him .