How to Level Up Efficiently

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Leveling Up your Party quickly in Soul Hunters provides many benefits, many features in the game require a certain Party Level to unlock. For example you unlock the Arena at Party Level 10 and the higher your Party Level is the stronger you will be. The Arena is a great place to earn free Daily Rewards which are based on your Daily Arena Standing.


How to earn Party EXP

The most effective and efficient method to gain Party EXP is by completing all your Dailies every day, by doing so you can earn 820 Party EXP every day. Here is a look at all the Dailies that reward Party EXP:






Every time you Consume Stamina in Soul Hunters you will earn Party EXP. Most game modes require you to Consume Stamina, for every point of Stamina you consume you will receive 1 Party EXP.

You recover Stamina over time at the rate of 1 Stamina per 6 minutes, once you are at max stamina you will stop generating Stamina. You can also spend Diamonds to instantly recover Stamina if you don’t wait to wait for auto-recovery.


There are two Daily Feasts available every day, these can be found in the Dailies Menu and reward free Stamina and Sweep Tickets.

Between 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM you can claim 120 Points of Stamina

Between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM you can claim 60 Points of Stamina

Diligent Hunters can claim 180 Stamina for free every day. Remember all game times are set to Pacific Standard Time / Pacific Daylight Time and you must be online to physically claim your free Stamina.

Every time your Party gains a Level, you will receive Stamina as well as increase your maximum Stamina Cap.



The amount of times you can Purchase Stamina every day is limited by your VIP level. For example, at VIP Level 4 you can purchase Stamina 4 times per day. This means you could have up to 900 Points of Stamina per day (180 from Daily Feasts, 240 from Auto-Recover, and 480 Purchased).

Stamina should be used to complete your Dailies first, completing all our Dailies will consume a total of 126 Stamina. This will leave you will 774 Stamina to complete Campaign Stages, it’s always a good idea to focus on Campaign Stages which can drop loot needed by your Heroes for Fusion.

When you complete a Campaign Stage on Normal difficulty you Unlock Heroic Difficulty, many of the Heroic Stages can drop Soulstones for specific Heroes! Sweeping Stages can make this task much faster, a VIP 4 player receives 20 free Sweep Tickets every day.

Having strong Heroes is important to allow you to progress smoothly through the Campaign. New players should focus on improving Elric and first. Elric is a Front-Line tank and his key duty is to soak up damage protecting your Mid and Back Line Heroes. Once your Front Line tank goes down a battle can really take a turn for the worse

Having a strong tank is important but you also need to deal damage, a tank can’t soak up damage indefinitely. Ember is the second Hero you should focus on, she does great Area of Effect damage and early on is the most important source of damage.

When your reach Party Level 7 you Unlock Hero Ability Upgrading, do your best to ensure Elric and Embers’ Abilities are always upgraded to the maximum level possible!