Guild Raids Sneak Peak

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Guild Raids are coming to Soul Hunters! They will be available in the next update! This sneak peak will give you an overview of Guild Raids, more detailed guides will follow once Guild Raids have gone live!

Guild Raids pit you and your Guild Members against powerful bosses. Each Raid will consist of waves containing the most powerful enemies in Soul Hunters. In order to overcome these challenges all Raid Members will need to actively participate and contribute to the best of their ability.



Guild Members enter Raids individually and must do as much damage as they can before their party dies or the battle timer expires. The damage you do to a Raid Boss is permanent; the next Guild Member to enter the Raid Stage will pick up where you left off.



All Guild Members can participate in Raids twice per day. To enter a Raid Stage you must have already completed that Stage in Normal Campaign Mode.


On every Raid you’ll have a chance to find rare and powerful items. All items looted during a Raid are distributed to Guild Members through a Loot Request system.


For participating in Raids, you’ll earn Brotherhood Coins which can be exchanged for items and Soulstones in the Guild Store! The more damage you contribute in your Raids, the more Brotherhood Coins you will earn. All Guild Members can also earn bonus Brotherhood Coins by completing Raid Stages quickly.