Introduction of Classes in Tree of Savior

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As we all know, Tree of Savior has 4 base classes: Archer, Cleric, Swordsman and Wizard. These base classes can be advanced further, for a total of 80 classes each with different abilities. A total of 54 classes have been discovered so far. There are also some hidden classes that require certain specific requirements in order to achieve it.


When reach a certain level, players can choose to advance to upper classes or continue to develop existing class. There are a total of 10 class advancements from the most basic to the highest rank! To advance to higher rank classes, there are master NPCs who help the growth of each class. Each class has at least five Skills.

There is also a special feature: Class Circle which is the depth of advancement of each class. Each class has a limit of three class circles. Take Archer as example, when you start, you are at Archer Rank 1 Circle 1. At Rank 2 you are allowed to advance into Quarrel Shooter or Ranger. However, if you wish to continue to use Archer, you advance into Archer Rank 2 Circle 2. The highest circle each class can advance to is Circle 3, or Archer Rank 3 Circle 3. For the Scout example, the highest circle will be Scout Rank 6 Circle 3.


We start with one basic class. There are two new classes to choose from in each class advancements. After nine class advancements, we would have reached Rank 10 class, with 19 classes introduced. There is only one hidden class for each job type. The hidden class may not occur as Rank 10 class, they may appear anywhere in the Ranks. So, 19 classes + 1 hidden class = 20 classes. Multiply this table by 4 (because we have basic Swordsman, Cleric, Archer and Wizard class) we will get 76 revealed classes and 4 hidden classes.

Below is the list of classes in Tree of Savior which have been discovered so far.



Rank 1: Swordsman

Rank 2: Highlander, Peltasta

Rank 3: Barbarian, Hoplite

Rank 4: Cataphract, Rodelero

Rank 5: Corsair, Squire

Rank 6: Centurion, Doppelsoldner

Rank Unknown: Murmillo, Shinobi (Stub)



Rank 1: Wizard

Rank 2: Cryomancer, Pyromancer

Rank 3: Linker, Psychokino

Rank 4: Elementalist, Thaumaturge

Rank 5: Chronomancer, Sorcerer

Rank 6: Alchemist, Necromancer

Rank Unknown: Mimic, Plague Doctor, Taoist Priest



Rank 1: Archer

Rank 2: Quarrel Shooter, Ranger

Rank 3: Hunter, Sapper

Rank 4: Scout, Wugushi

Rank 5: Fletcher, Rogue

Rank 6: Falconer, Schwarzer Reiter

Rank Unknown: Hackapell, Pied Piper



Rank 1: Cleric

Rank 2: Krivis, Priest

Rank 3: Bokor, Dievdirbys

Rank 4: Paladin, Sadhu

Rank 5: Monk, Pardoner

Rank 6: Druid, Oracle

Rank Unknown: Army Chaplain, Shepherd

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