Deadwalk: The Last War! Game Info

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Characteristic Heros:100+ GODS and HEROES ranging from Zeus to Hades will be revived to assist you and help you prevail in this Zombie World War! You could get more Heros from Clone Lab!

Splendid Explore:Including 5 chapters, they are“The End of World”,”A New Dawn”,””Into The Abyss”,”The Ultimate Battle”,”Death Arena”. You need to arrange your troops with strategy to fight against the cold-blooded Zombies!


Abundant City Buildings: Including Resource Buildings and Function Buildings. Resource Buildings include Farm, Waterworks, Fuel Refinery, Refugee Camp, Metal Recyclings. Function buildings include Signal Station, Laboratory, City Wall, Clone Lab, Workshop, Barracks, Headquaters, Storage House and Fusion Core.

Hero Promotion:You could promote your heros by increasing the leadership, learning Skills and Talents. You could also Evolute your hero to a higher Class.


EliteTroops:There are Light Soilder, Medium Soildier, and Heavy Soldier in the Barracks. The higher your Barracks’level is ,the better soldiers you could unlock!

World Map War:Occupying the resource tile can bring youa lot of resources! But you could also attack others’Resource Tile or even their cities! If you are not strong enough to attack a city, you could rally to your League and have a big fight!!

Other Systems:Lucky Spin, Secret Bonuses, and Event can bring you more and more rewards and Surprise!!