Stay at Home for 6 Years, Because of MMO--03-17-2009

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Summary: Recently a Chinese WOW Gamer admits he hasn't stepped out of his housing estate for 6 years. He regrets idling away his youth and distressing his family in reviewing the past. He reproached himself bitterly for his behaviour this 6 years, the post find an echo in communities across the players community.

Recently a Chinese WOW Gamer admits he hasn't stepped out of his housing estate for 6 years. He regrets idling away his youth and distressing his family in reviewing the past. He reproached himself bitterly for his behaviour this 6 years, the post find an echo in communities across the players community.

Will You Repent after Playing MMOs?
I play MMO games normally, it's one part of my life? Why I need to repent?
If there's no game in my life, my life won't become wonderful either.
I have spent lots of money and much time on MMOs, I am so repent.
Because the MMOs, I lost too much! If I can start all over, I won't play MMOs.
I have other words to say.

Recommended Player's Advice (Mar. 21st, 2009)

Trents:Why people would keep playing the game past the novelty honeymoon is what fascinates me. I suppose If you have enough guildmates to keep you motivated, or deadfast dedicated to reaching that high level, it might be possible. Otherwise I have another theory. Dont they say that people are either Hunters or Gatherers in mindset? I suppose MMO's tap into the Gatherer that's hardwired into some people's brains. They activate that primitive instinct to collect and gather (armor, experience points) over and over and it becomes a hook. Those who are Hunters lose interest in MMO's because of that, and instead prefer the persuit of success, exeriences, women ect. Ie- not being stuck in some field gathering grapes to feel good .
Trents:Yeah, its beyond me why people would get hard core addicted to some of these MMO's. When I play a new one, I get that "new MMO novelty" feeling where you are in awe of all the cool weapons, classes and big world to explore. A couple weeks in and you find yourself in an empty field slowly hacking away at spiders, and I slap myself on the forehead and think "here we go again - generic grindfest number 37" and i see the game mechanics for what it is and quit.

He is 24 years old now. He start to stay at home 6 years ago. He is the only boy in his family, so he was hopelessly spoiled by his family. "I was vain, self-contemptuous and constitutional inability to tell the truth that time.", he said. "When I go a job, I found myself cannot put up with such treatment of which was totally different from my home." For evading work, he stayed home and entered MMO World. Except touching off the firecracker on every years' eve, he keep staying indoors for totally 6 years. Now he even lost himself through not knowing the way just away from the gate of the housing estate which he live in!

Recommended Player's Advice (Mar. 18th, 2009)

BackToReality?:hmm, I am sure there are many more individuals out there in the world that are undergoing a similar experience. its just sad sometimes to see that people turn a new leaf after experiencing a major/traumatic event. they may tell themselves, "oh, i should stop" "oh, i should do less today" "oh, i should do this to keep my mind off that" over and over, day by day, but if they don't actually act on it, well...they are being hypocrites then. I am sure there are others like me out there: the stresses of work/studies/parents/whatever makes it unbearable so you turn to games to ignore and forget everything. But this cycle of life becomes a form of addiction to the point that you don't even do the stuff you need to do to live your life. All the stuff outside of gaming is a half-assed attempt at actually trying/giving all you got. I suggest those of you who are in a similar path as the one he took to prevent that and start acting NOW.
drake1980:This really all depends on people while you have the people that talk about people being losers and such, you also have people who accualy think before comming to conclusions. Honestly I play alot of mmo games and mostly talk over games or chat to people becasue I am not very good at dealing with the public ( and I have quite alot of personal reasons for it too.) Maybe I am addicted to games but it's about the only way I can really socalise with people without getting all paniced up.

"To a man, time is a precious thing to his life, but I haven't used it to experience the world, but wasted it by playing on the Internet. He felt like a sinner overcome with remorse and decided to turn over a new leaf. He was becoming obsessed with the sense of achievement brought by games first time, but more time he spent on games, he faced more failure in real life. He " know all the PC games and movies which were coming out, even just staring computer screen blankly."

One day the guy saw a figure limping her way in the rain through the glass, it took him several seconds to be sure that the figure is his mother. The boy opened his eyes and, as from a nightmare, what he had done these 6 years before him.

Recommended Player's Advice (Mar. 17th, 2009)

Phoenix: Personally if this person was able to make friends and be part of the real world and gave it up for gamming I think someone should have slapped him back to reality.
I'm a anti socail person who can't go into the real world because if I do I might hurt someone."damaged/imbalenced brain or something" Meds don't work staying at home is the only option I got well that or prison.

Never made it out of high school only thing I got is MMOs thou they all suck. Into magic, swords, and bow type fantasy games but Nothing but click and cast combat for most free games and gathing/crafting is nothing but a grind fest aswell or a pure kill fest.

Mortal online is my only hope for a good game other wise will be sitting here listening to music just rotting away. To bad I don't have equipment to make my own and the stuff needed to learn how to make a MMO the one in my head would compaired to most.
imfck:It's bad to keep playing games for a long time, that includes console and pc. Whether you're online or not, you should at least take a break every x hours or x minutes, go outside for air, for a walk, watch tv or read a book. Time fly fast if you constantly stay and play.

After formated the disk of his PC, he walked out of the gate. The penitent boy turned his back on the unhappy past and began a new life. He want to pick up the habit of learning and hope all players don't play games like him.

So what's your opinion about keeping the balance between Games and Real Life? Which is the nterpretation of our life? Leave your comments to us. We love to see wild, weird, and otherwise interesting ideas about all the different MMOs out there.

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Its so good to live in 2009. Some online games have really good graphics and psp games are also getting better this year(I have the psp (hahahaha!!!!))

HappyPerson made a comment on
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quote Elveone content:
THe next campaign of those guys include "No Orcs!" in Alien Versus Predator, "No Gnomes!" in Starcraft, "No Undead!" in Need For Speed and "No Aliens!" in Diablo 3...
No humans! :D

Seren made a comment on
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I have played WoW for over 4 years and well it was fun for a few years it does get old going to the same places and instances over and over. I just want a new game to play with differnt style of play and differnt ways to get around in the game i played perfect world ewwww is all can say the flying mounts r way to slow !! and the grinding is endless ..... kinda like that..... i have been playing runes of magic its kinda like wow but a chas shop and no fees. the timed mounts kinda blow chunks. I am now playing Aion and let me tell you I LOVE IT !!! So much differnt then WoW TRUST ME I KNOW !!! I love the fact we can fly in the game and if it says no fly you can still fly hehehe and combat in the air is way better then FLFF !!! take it from some one who knows her MMO's I have played them all i will p2p Aion 14.99 is not bad i also got the open beta key from buying the pre order at gamestop !! so go befor there all gone ! peace love and fruit loops!

sourelow made a comment on
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a great article. your and my experience does not have much differences and i also like enjoying the game's sorroundings and doing quest with a group of people but having too much botters and cheaters really destroys my gaming experience.

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Personally, I found Final fantasy XI to be a big let down. The pace of the game is so tedious. Being a big fan of the whole series on consoles- i expected quite a lot. However, Perhaps FFXIV may be different. F2P sounds good however a lot of riff raff usual entail with such things.

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Sad....Is she that godly at CS?? I doubth it. Quiting school bad move. "models for a friend" = Doing Xrated things and degrating your self. Notice it's not a professional company. I mean honestly, if you can't even finish the basics which is (1st-12th grade) and graduate.... How much or a moron can you be??.... Her looks will fade, her hands will develop artritis and she will either get pregnant or catch an STD and end up working a dead end shitty job living with her parents. But this is after the whole CS thing blows up in her face.

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