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Summary: A new title was just posted on Game & Game's upcoming game page - Titan Online. The English official site for this game is still unavailable, but some information about it has been released, including the background and key features.

  Titan Online
  Genre: Fantasy
  Developer: EYA Interactive Limited
  Publiser: Game & Game
  Status: Development

A new title was just posted on Game & Game's upcoming game page - Titan Online. The English official site for this game is still unavailable, but some information about it has been released, including the background and key features.

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About Titan Online

Evil spirits from another dimension began to appear in China. No one knows why or how they came to China, but everyone was certain that their intentions were not good. As wanting to spread the word of their existence, they appeared suddenly and began stirring up chaos in China, engaging in destruction.

Filled with fear, the Chinese battled the evil spirits that were devastating the land. That's when a girl suddenly appeared. Her name was D'arc. It may have been through fate, or pure coincidence, but you end up meeting her and learning the secrets of the evil spirits.

The evil spirits that appeared in China did not originate from China, but came from the other world. They work for the Devil, who is considered the most vicious creature in the other world. As the Devil's powers grew, the sphere warped, creating a gap. It is this gap that happened to be connected with China. The evil spirits discovered the gap, and came to China to expand their powers.

D'arc advises you that you must possess great power to combat the monsters. You must obtain the giant weapon 'Titan' in order to fight the evil spirits of the other world.

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About this product

D'arc traveled from China to the fantasy world, and after destroying the Devil, she found a way to return. However, a creature was hiding in the gap between the dimensions, hovering over D'arc. After watching D'arc for some time, who is in the center of all dimensions leading the flow of history, he attacked D'arc while she was traveling between dimensions, and destroyed her fate. Once the fate of D'arc, the leader of the flow of history, was destroyed, all of the laws of the world became entangled. This led to the human dimension being isolated from all intervention by the upper dimension. In other words, all of the beings of the evil world, including the spirits and the gods, became entangled under the law of cause and effect, making it impossible for them to enter through the gap of the intricately entangled human world. And so, the Devil decided to hold his breath and wait in the gap, dreaming of his rebirth. He chose the power of human fear as his way of achieving rebirth. He chose the Great Empire of the North as the place from which he would spread darkness into the world. The Devil stole the body of the premier, who had been the actual leader of the empire instead of the emperor. Through this trickery, the Devil becomes the new emperor, and successfully transforms the world into an empire of darkness.
And so, the Devil comes to rule the evil spirits and black sorcerers in the empire of darkness, gathers his powers, and builds an Army of Darkness. Now he can reveal his fangs. To the humans, who are not protected by the spirits and the gods, the Army of Darkness is an enormous calamity.

The only choice left for them was to use the 'Titan' to carry out hand-to-hand combat, because they lacked the power to stop the monsters, black sorcerers, and black titans descending upon them with great force. But it was the dragons that came to the aid of the humans. Their aim was to restore the collapsed law of cause and effect and the Weight of Balance.

Through a new alliance between the humans and the dragons, the world finds its order. In the southern part of the continent, the humans and dragons begin carrying out a systematic battle against the forces of darkness.

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Its so good to live in 2009. Some online games have really good graphics and psp games are also getting better this year(I have the psp (hahahaha!!!!))

HappyPerson made a comment on
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quote Elveone content:
THe next campaign of those guys include "No Orcs!" in Alien Versus Predator, "No Gnomes!" in Starcraft, "No Undead!" in Need For Speed and "No Aliens!" in Diablo 3...
No humans! :D

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I have played WoW for over 4 years and well it was fun for a few years it does get old going to the same places and instances over and over. I just want a new game to play with differnt style of play and differnt ways to get around in the game i played perfect world ewwww is all can say the flying mounts r way to slow !! and the grinding is endless ..... kinda like that..... i have been playing runes of magic its kinda like wow but a chas shop and no fees. the timed mounts kinda blow chunks. I am now playing Aion and let me tell you I LOVE IT !!! So much differnt then WoW TRUST ME I KNOW !!! I love the fact we can fly in the game and if it says no fly you can still fly hehehe and combat in the air is way better then FLFF !!! take it from some one who knows her MMO's I have played them all i will p2p Aion 14.99 is not bad i also got the open beta key from buying the pre order at gamestop !! so go befor there all gone ! peace love and fruit loops!

sourelow made a comment on
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a great article. your and my experience does not have much differences and i also like enjoying the game's sorroundings and doing quest with a group of people but having too much botters and cheaters really destroys my gaming experience.

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Personally, I found Final fantasy XI to be a big let down. The pace of the game is so tedious. Being a big fan of the whole series on consoles- i expected quite a lot. However, Perhaps FFXIV may be different. F2P sounds good however a lot of riff raff usual entail with such things.

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Sad....Is she that godly at CS?? I doubth it. Quiting school bad move. "models for a friend" = Doing Xrated things and degrating your self. Notice it's not a professional company. I mean honestly, if you can't even finish the basics which is (1st-12th grade) and graduate.... How much or a moron can you be??.... Her looks will fade, her hands will develop artritis and she will either get pregnant or catch an STD and end up working a dead end shitty job living with her parents. But this is after the whole CS thing blows up in her face.

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