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Summary: That is really a good idea that change popular anime to MMOG! Below is a nice concept of making a Naruto Online from MMOsiter paoryl. If you are a Naruto fans or Anime fans, don't miss the chance which you can express opinion to some developers. Or you get any advice, show it here.

That is good idea that change popular anime to MMOG! Below is a nice concept of making a Naruto Online from MMOsiter paoryl. If you are a Naruto fans or Anime fans, don't miss the chance which you can express opinion to some developers. Or you get any advice, show it here.,1.html?time=1227766995

Uhm! I just want to suggest to gameproducer and game programmer to make a naruto online and make it look like the video game in ps2 there a pvp room for battle and adventure quests! and im sure many gamers will enjoy it now that naruto is very popular!
idea for a character! uhm let me think for it
the character must be rank by rank like this and you must rank up depending on your skills and experience not by level! just like this

Do you agree to the idea of making Naruto Online?
Yes! Totally agree!
Yes, but just take a wait-and-see attitude.
No, it's an infeasible plan!
Ohters, I have to say somting about this.

Academy Student

Becoming an Academy Student is the first step to becoming a professional ninja. Students are taught the basics to become a ninja. Rather than performing missions, all students are trained to master basic techniques and skills. All students enrolled are of very young age. In order to become a Genin, students must pass a comprehensive graduating test. Passing this test gives you all the chance in the world to become a great ninja. It is not very easy to make the cut and many students don't pass. Passing this rank is probably he most crucial stage towards becoming an elite ninja.

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The Genin is considered the lowest rank for a ninja. Most Genins don't perform missions, but train like academy students. Genin ranked ninjas usually perform harsh labor and dirty work. When put into missions, they usually perform D ranked missions. Every Genin is assigned a Jounin instructor. The Jounin instructor helps train the Genin to become a wise and skilled ninja.

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Chuunin rank is a medium ninja rank but hard to attain; the exams happen twice a year. A Genin team must be nominated by their Sensei and endure grueling written, physical, and mental exams to prove that he or she has what it takes to be a Chuunin. Ninjas have been killed during the Chuunin finals. When Naruto's team takes the Chuunin exam, only one person attains this title (Shikamaru). A Chuunin is considered a leader and is responsible for those under his command. Their mission parameters broaden and include higher-level missions ranging from simple escort or intelligence gathering to open combat and even assassination.

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The title Jounin is split into two separate categories. Before you are awarded the full title Jounin, you are, by appointment, a Special Jounin. This is the next rank up from Chuunin and covers everything a Chuunin does, but also includes high-risk missions between other countries, such as: escorting royalty. These missions are much more delicate and dangerous than previous missions. Complete Jounins are assigned to the most dangerous and highest paying missions. These missions can be anything from high-level inter-nation assassinations to delivering and collecting important documents and treaties. Only a ninja with a wealth of combat experience can become a full Jounin. At some point in a Jounin's career he or she will be assigned a team of Genin to teach and guide their development. This responsibility is huge as they will oversee their students training and be responsible for their lives until they are Chuunin.

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Its so good to live in 2009. Some online games have really good graphics and psp games are also getting better this year(I have the psp (hahahaha!!!!))

HappyPerson made a comment on
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quote Elveone content:
THe next campaign of those guys include "No Orcs!" in Alien Versus Predator, "No Gnomes!" in Starcraft, "No Undead!" in Need For Speed and "No Aliens!" in Diablo 3...
No humans! :D

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I have played WoW for over 4 years and well it was fun for a few years it does get old going to the same places and instances over and over. I just want a new game to play with differnt style of play and differnt ways to get around in the game i played perfect world ewwww is all can say the flying mounts r way to slow !! and the grinding is endless ..... kinda like that..... i have been playing runes of magic its kinda like wow but a chas shop and no fees. the timed mounts kinda blow chunks. I am now playing Aion and let me tell you I LOVE IT !!! So much differnt then WoW TRUST ME I KNOW !!! I love the fact we can fly in the game and if it says no fly you can still fly hehehe and combat in the air is way better then FLFF !!! take it from some one who knows her MMO's I have played them all i will p2p Aion 14.99 is not bad i also got the open beta key from buying the pre order at gamestop !! so go befor there all gone ! peace love and fruit loops!

sourelow made a comment on
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a great article. your and my experience does not have much differences and i also like enjoying the game's sorroundings and doing quest with a group of people but having too much botters and cheaters really destroys my gaming experience.

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Personally, I found Final fantasy XI to be a big let down. The pace of the game is so tedious. Being a big fan of the whole series on consoles- i expected quite a lot. However, Perhaps FFXIV may be different. F2P sounds good however a lot of riff raff usual entail with such things.

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Sad....Is she that godly at CS?? I doubth it. Quiting school bad move. "models for a friend" = Doing Xrated things and degrating your self. Notice it's not a professional company. I mean honestly, if you can't even finish the basics which is (1st-12th grade) and graduate.... How much or a moron can you be??.... Her looks will fade, her hands will develop artritis and she will either get pregnant or catch an STD and end up working a dead end shitty job living with her parents. But this is after the whole CS thing blows up in her face.

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