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Summary: Perfect World displays a fascinating amount of things that you can change within the game itself. Especially the "total customization" features that we#DY#ve all wanted in all our games.

Game Title: Perfect World MMOsite Resources:
Genre: Fantasy Official Site
Developer: Perfect World Entertainment Inc. Screenshots
Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment Inc. Video
Status: Closed Beta Download

This review is partly reproduced from MMOsite Writer Club member Keishiro's MMOsite blog.

On to the gameplay and what not

I'm sorry that I'll have to switch it up a little, excluding my ever-so featured "My Experiance" feature on this review.However, I simply can't add it as, for one thing, time is limited and secondly; I just don't feel too up to par to what I would like to feel. So sorry mates; we'll have to deal with the traditional. There will still be some of my experiance in here but Eh.

The game starts with the login, and then character creation. Character creation is unique as you can customize so many things. First, you pick your Race, Class, Gender of course (Races being Human, elves, Beasts) Classes are unique to each race and gender... Well; let's just say that its one or the other.

After you've done that, you have the option given to customize your character as much or as little as you want, whether you choose from the presets or if you create everything through scratch ;doesn't matter really. It's all opinions on that matter :P

Anyhow; I won't go too indepth to what you can choose; let's just say you can change alot of things along with the preset options for those without patience (as the modeling feature allows you to change the width, depth, color and etc on alot of the body parts)

Starting the game, you start in the opening area where you talk to the guide. The beginning starts like this. You're not worthy, and to prove your worth finally so that you may enter the first city; you are given a chance... But wait...

Perfect World
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You talk to the guide and he ... Gives you a choice?

You choose whether you want to kill these Blossom ogres or something else... Wow! You choose what you want for a quest. Honestly, I looked forward; saw the first monster and picked it (which was a Blossom Ogre)... Though; upon killing these blossoms, I realized the other monster was in the same area; I guess it didn't matter either way.

When you finish with this you go back to the guide and your granted to go into the city which is about 20 seconds off from where you are.
Once you get to the city; you talk to the man in charge and you're asked to meet everyone in town.. Not anything new really. Meet the townsfolk and all.

Perfect World
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Well; before I continue this rambling much further; I'll speak of other features that might entice you to play this game. Or not; who knows.

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Its so good to live in 2009. Some online games have really good graphics and psp games are also getting better this year(I have the psp (hahahaha!!!!))

HappyPerson made a comment on
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quote Elveone content:
THe next campaign of those guys include "No Orcs!" in Alien Versus Predator, "No Gnomes!" in Starcraft, "No Undead!" in Need For Speed and "No Aliens!" in Diablo 3...
No humans! :D

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I have played WoW for over 4 years and well it was fun for a few years it does get old going to the same places and instances over and over. I just want a new game to play with differnt style of play and differnt ways to get around in the game i played perfect world ewwww is all can say the flying mounts r way to slow !! and the grinding is endless ..... kinda like that..... i have been playing runes of magic its kinda like wow but a chas shop and no fees. the timed mounts kinda blow chunks. I am now playing Aion and let me tell you I LOVE IT !!! So much differnt then WoW TRUST ME I KNOW !!! I love the fact we can fly in the game and if it says no fly you can still fly hehehe and combat in the air is way better then FLFF !!! take it from some one who knows her MMO's I have played them all i will p2p Aion 14.99 is not bad i also got the open beta key from buying the pre order at gamestop !! so go befor there all gone ! peace love and fruit loops!

sourelow made a comment on
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a great article. your and my experience does not have much differences and i also like enjoying the game's sorroundings and doing quest with a group of people but having too much botters and cheaters really destroys my gaming experience.

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Sad....Is she that godly at CS?? I doubth it. Quiting school bad move. "models for a friend" = Doing Xrated things and degrating your self. Notice it's not a professional company. I mean honestly, if you can't even finish the basics which is (1st-12th grade) and graduate.... How much or a moron can you be??.... Her looks will fade, her hands will develop artritis and she will either get pregnant or catch an STD and end up working a dead end shitty job living with her parents. But this is after the whole CS thing blows up in her face.

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