3Feel: The First Adult MMO Global CB

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3Feel Overview

3 Feel Game Title: 3 Feel
Genre: Adult
Developer: CMNet
Publisher: CMNet
Status: Beta Test (Feb. 25th, 2008 Except Korea)
Official Site: http://www.3feel.com/

The first adult MMO 3Feel launched its 1st Global Closed Beta(Except Korea) on Feb. 25th. The server will set in Malaysia and only Korean IP will be banned. It's a big chance that you can try a new game earlier than Korean players! It's also the first time the Cyber Sex is the theme of a MMO! Though there are some adult games just focus on adult violence.

Short Introduction

The game is purely aimed to having sex. The way of gameplay is similar with casual MMOs. You can chat with others and the duo walk into pool or subway which they prepare beforehand together to do sexual activity.

3feel was first announced in 2004. In this adult online game, players can control their avatar to do sex realistically. Particularly, sex-aid items like vibrator are available in 3feel. The game received remarkable attention from the media and gaming community when it was announced. On E3 2005, the show organizer even requested CM-NET to remove 3feel game video due to its excessive pornography.

More details about 3Feel from MMOsite Forum: Korean adult online-game---3 Feel
Other videos of 3Feel from MMOsite Video: http://video.mmosite.com/game_vm.php?gid=326

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