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Asda Story: CBT will Run on Early Oct!(Pic) -- 09-29-2007
KeyWord: Asda Story,Gamengame,Closed Beta,screenshot,early Oct Date: 09-29-2007
Summary: Asda Story`s English Version will be released on early Oct, and you could roam the dreamlike world with no language issues.

Game Title : Asda Story MMOsite Resources:
Genre: Fantasy Official Site
Developer: MaxOnSoft Share:Upload Image
Publisher: Gamengame    
Status: Closed Beta (Oct 12th)  

Asda Story has annouced officially that the CLOSED BETA will run on early Oct.

Click here for full image

Asda Story Introduction

Asda Story is a new MMORPG title developed by MaxOnSoft.

It is a game intermediate between alternate reality game and casual game, with fresh and bright style. The characters in Asda Story are designed in cartoon style. The title focuses much on scenario and the stories are divided into several chapters. Players will feel like they are in a brilliant epic. Asda Story Online is a title aimed at young age players.

Click here for full image

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