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I`m not a Hero, but I Fight with Them! -- 08-30-2007
KeyWord: Company of Heroes,THQ,Shanda,Online Date: 08-30-2007
Summary: THQ and Shanda announced that Company of Heroes will release online version.

Game Title : Company of Heroes Online  
Genre: MMORTS  

Developer: THQ & Shanda

Publisher: Shanda
Status: Development

Company of Heroes
which was released to broad critical acclaim in 2006, is announced that will release its online version. Now it’s currently being co-developed by THQ studio Relic Entertainment and Shanda.

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The original Company of Heroes has won more than 37 awards to date, including six "PC Game of the Year" and 12 "Strategy Game of the Year" awards, and is listed in more than 10 "Top 10 Games of 2006" lists. Company of Heroes Online aims to deliver a persistent Company of Heroes experience for online gamers where players will be able to build their character up from private to general through new multiplayer cooperative missions, gameplay modes, and player versus player combat.

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