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15000 dollars real money for CB participants -- 08-14-2007
KeyWord: magic ages,vestgame,glodcool,cbt Date: 08-14-2007
Summary: VestGame Entertainment Inc is seeking 300 testers for upcoming releases of Magic Ages and would like you to participate. Join and get 50 dollars

Title: Magic Ages

Publisher: VestGame Entertainment Inc.
Developer: Goldcool Games
Genre: Fantasy
Release Date: Sep 27th, 2007
Status: Closed Beta Test
Forum Link: http://forums.vestgame.com/

Website: http://www.magicages.com/

VestGame Entertainment Inc is seeking 300 testers for upcoming releases of Magic Ages and would like you to participate. Join and get 50 dollars

PS. Not all applicants will be selected for the closed beta testing.
All testers chosen will be rewarded 50 dollars so please provide your correct paypal information


Magic Ages is an immersive 2D Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). As you decide to join the forces of one of the two kingdoms, you will be given the opportunity to define your character, selecting one out of four professions: warrior, archer, mage or summoner. As you enter the magic world, you will find yourself in a hostile and dangerous environment. You will rapidly have to gain experience and learn essential survival skills, but as you complete the quests, battle fierce monsters and explore the land, you will be aided by numerous weapons, powerful magic and various mounts. The game gives you the opportunity to experience fantasy, bravery, love, loyalty, friendship and betrayal. Those who have proven their valor have come to be feared by demons and respected as heroes not only by men but by the gods.

Game Features

Growth Weapons
Players may obtain the "Soul of Growth Weapons" once they have reached the twentieth level and have completed all assigned missions. Once you have entered into possession of the soul of the weapon you will be able to upgrade by fusing it with other weapons.

"Growth Weapons" can be divided into several levels, which may be equally applied to any of the professions, respectively: warrior, archer, mage and summoner. Each weapon has its own characteristics and specific powers.

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