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Pi Story : Another 2d scroll cute MMorpg -- 07-20-2007
KeyWord: pi story,2d scroll Date: 07-20-2007
Summary: PI STORY is on-line action RPG of the horizontal scroll type where 2D graphics are employed.

Name : Pi Story

Status : Development

Genre : 2D Scroll

Developer : NCONY Enterprices

Official site : http://www.pistory.com/ (Pi Story in Game& Game : here )

PI STORY is on-line action RPG of the horizontal scroll type where 2D graphics are employed. It has the function with the lobby [town] with until the maximum 8 person to organize the party,it invades dungeon(instant type)and get experience points about under acquiring grows and the novelty one system. Also, it can be custormizing by using abundant and various items,[house] it decorates, also the community element of the back which invites the different player is equipping, the character MAP back which appears in game charmingly, it is produced, although it is RPG it also consist of casual game`s characteristic.

New Guild Activity System
- Create Guild Guardians to protect you in battles
- Maximum 8 vs 8; Guardian 1:1
- Strategy-based Guild System
Guilds created awards a Guild House

House System
- Add, decorate, and modify your Home.
- Access your home from all Game Servers
- Participate in many Production Activities such as Fishing, Farming, etc.
- Produce Potions and Items and Sell or Trade them to other users
Houses can be used for Guild meetings, gathering with friends, etc

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