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Developer : NNG
Area : MY
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Ghost Online Review( By Wafles ) -- 02-02-2007
KeyWord: Ghost Online, Review, Wafles Date: 02-02-2007
Summary: Really, the graphics are from a several year old game, but they are still dazzling. Especially some of the cities and some of the maps on stuff like the Orchard Road.
From: www.gamefaqs.com

Game Title: Ghost Online
Genre: Fantasy, Casual
Status: Beta Test
Developer: NNG
Publisher: Mgame
Client size: 147MB
Official Website: http://go.gameflier.com.my/
Game Video: http://video.mmosite.com/game_vm.php?gid=562
Client download: http://download.mmosite.com/pages.php?gameid=562

A little background history that should be cleared up, Ghost Online is not a rip off of Maple Story (which I?ve also reviewed), but it actually was released in its first form (Korean I believe) about 4 months before the original Maple Story (also Korea) was released. It annoys me when people who?ve hardly heard of this game come and criticize it just because it?s a 2D side scrolling MMORPG, with a similar platform style to Maple Story. It?s got a lot more to offer than Maple Story in my opinion, and this is exactly why I?m giving it a 10/10. It deserves it, and we?ll get into that a little bit later.

Really, all in all, Ghost Online is a wonderful idea, and a great fun MMORPG to boot. It?ll entertain you, even if you don?t like MMORPGs for the most part. So let?s get on with it, Hm?

Gameplay: 10/10

The game play holds this game together nicely. It is incredibly fast paced, and you will find yourself running all over the place, anxious to fight the monsters that are in the way, the quickness of the game really adds to its excitement, and I appreciate that.

As mentioned above, it is a two dimensional side scrolling MMORPG with 3 classes, Warriors, Assassins, and Taoists. For the most part, you?ll fight plenty of monsters, and of course there are slow spawning boss monsters, and tons of places to explore. It?s really a vast game; I would even dare to say that in the near future it will be more vast than Maple Story.

I have to give this category a 10/10, it?s just so amazing, and you?ll find yourself hooked very quickly.

Sounds: 10/10

The sounds are unique, and fitting. Most of the time, you will hear feudal type music, but the music is always fitting, and always real mellow in the background. I think that the background music fits nicely, and it always matches the scenery. For example, in South Sentosa Plains, which are on fire, you?ll hear some fairly angry music, while the map is this brilliant glowing red, it?s a beautiful thing.

As for sound effects, they fit, and they fit well. You don not get a laser beam when you swing your sword, and you don?t have the classic Mario jumping chime, it?s just something that fits. It?s all orchestrated very nicely.

Graphics: 9/10

Really, the graphics are from a several year old game, but they are still dazzling. Especially some of the cities and some of the maps on stuff like the Orchard Road. It is absolutely gorgeous at times, while hideously ugly at others (but maybe that is just an opinion of whether or not I like that map). You?ll find yourself pretty much in standard awe at most of the areas though. Ayer Hitam is the big one. The castle is just this enormous structure, where it goes up and up, and the dark blue scenery is just absolutely gorgeous. You really have to see it to believe it.

Yes, it is two dimensional, but two dimensional does not really mean bad graphics. Yes, it is not your really high intensity Playstation 3 Graphics quality, but for a 2D game, that would just be plain ridiculous. The monsters are nicely drawn, and some of them are quite scary, or strange, the characters are well developed in terms of looks, and the animations are crisp, clean, and smooth. It is all really a beautiful thing to me, but as always, critics will say otherwise. I say go with what you like, if 2D isn?t your thing, then maybe this game wont impress you as much, otherwise, you?ll be blown away.

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