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Allied Vehicle


Allied Vehicle: Jeep


A multi-purpose vehicle used for reconnaissance and light combat, the Jeep proves to be a “jack of all trades” on the field of battle. While it is outfitted with a M1919 .30 cal Machine gun, its light armor makes it a poor choice for direct enemy engagements. However, due to its speed, it makes an ideal vehicle for reconnaissance, tracking enemy snipers, and can even be utilized to flank fixed weapon emplacements.


Role: Scouting
Weapons: M1919 .30 Cal Machine Gun
Requirements: Barracks

Unit Costs
Manpower Munitions Fuel Pop Cap
220 0 0 3

  1. Excellent unit for scouting enemy positions, as well as taking out those pesky snipers
  2. Can be used as a spotter for snipers, allowing them to shoot further than their fog or war

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