Company of Heroes Online - 4V4 Maps

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4V4 Maps

4 v 4 Maps

Route N13


Route N13 is an important supply and troop transport road that runs through the middle of Sainte-Mere-Eglise. Between the hedgerows and stone walls of the small urban setting lies a devastating strategic advantage: a direct route into northern France from the Utah and Omaha beachheads. The Commanders that control route N13 are the Commanders that control the war.


Vehicles have a significant movement bonus on roads, they really kick it into high gear. If you need to help an ally on another end of the map keep this in mind, as your vehicles may well arrive in time to make a difference. Naturally, keep an eye out for mines and anti-tank guns guarding the roads.

There are six fuel points on this map that line the main road. These are often split evenly between the teams. Any advantage you can give your team, such as building an observation post on these points to increase income or capturing an enemy point even for a few minutes, can mean the difference between victory or defeat.

Use every trick you can to keep your units in the fight. This is a very big map so it takes a long time for units to retreat and then walk back to the fight. There are a lot of buildings on the map to use as a Forward Barracks, such as the Church near the middle which offers the enemy no cover on approach. A Medic Bunker near the middle Victory Point can mean lots of extra Grenadier squads, and using Half Tracks to reinforce and transport squads can also be a big help.

Don't get caught in a war of attrition. If enemy defenses are strong in one area, hit them in another area or attack them from a different route. Hedgerows can be destroyed by artillery or late game units like Panther tanks to open new avenues of attack.

The southern Victory Point can be made fairly secure with some barbed wire, tank traps, and a Machinegun Emplacement or Bunker. Force attacking units into the water by wiring off the land bridges. Units in the water move slower and take more damage as a result of the lack of cover.


4 v 4 Maps

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