Company of Heroes Online - 2V2 Maps

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2V2 Maps

2 v 2 Maps

Rails And Metal


Allied planes shot down had the inadvertent pleasure of taking out a main Axis supply shipment as they crashed to the ground. The order has been given to salvage what was left of that shipment, Axis officials hoping the roads running east to west will provide swift access to the wreckage. It has been advised that if a skirmish breaks out to utilize the eastern logging camp and surrounding forests for troop cover, and garrison the western civilian buildings to halt an Allied advance.


There are two key +10 Fuel points near the Victory Points on the sides of this map, along with two key structures in both of these areas. A great deal of the fighting on this map happens near these two regions. Your team will want to own at least one of these +10 Fuel points.

Try running ahead with an Engineer or Pioneer squad and have them garrison an important building. They will prevent the enemy from using the structure until your machinegun can arrive on the scene and take up position in the building. You'll need to play aggressive on this map right from the start.

Stone walls are quite common on this map. Position your squads near stone walls so they can take advantage of the great cover that they provide during a firefight.

It's a long walk to your base for retreating units and reinforcements moving up to the fighting. This can be a map where a forward barracks near the front can really pay off. Garrison a squad in an empty building and upgrade it to a forward barracks to train units and reinforce existing squads.


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2 v 2 Maps

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