Company of Heroes Online - Axis Infantry

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Axis Infantry


Axis Infantry: Pioneers


Axis combat engineers, known as Pioneers, are adept at a variety of duties including structure building, fortifying defenses, and repairing vehicles. Outside of their support roles, the Pioneers can also engage the enemy with their MP40 Submachine guns, although their combat skills are only effective at short ranges.


Role: Building and Support
Weapons: MP40 Submachine gun
Requirements: Headquarters

Unit Costs
Manpower Munitions Fuel Pop Cap
120 0 0 2

Available Upgrades
Name Resource Type Cost
Flamethrower Munitions 50
Minesweeper Munitions 35

Special Abilities
  1. Cut Wire
  2. Salvage Wrecks
  3. Medical Kit
  4. Repair
  5. Build Defensive Structures

  1. Although a weak initial starting unit, pioneers become a powerful infantry killer when equipped with flame-throwers
  2. Be sure to salvage wreckage, the munitions gained could be the difference between victory and defeat!

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