Characters in Black Lambs

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Characters in Black Lambs Team

Seha Lee - Striker

He is one of the playable characters in Closers Online - Dimension Conflict. He is of the Striker Class.


Seha's mother was one of the legendary CLOSERS who helped bring the Dimensional War to an end. Everyone tells him he is the Black Lamb with the highest potential topological power, but he isn't fully able to tap into that power yet - and to be honest, he doesn't even care enough to try.


He feels constant pressure from everyone around him who expect him to be as every bit as good as his mother. He wouldn't even have gotten involved with the Black Lambs if his mom hadn't made him. For Seha, being a Black Lamb is just another aggravating extracurricular activity he has to do.

What he really loves is playing video games, and you're unlikely to see him without some kind of controller in his hands. In fact, Seo thinks he's worse than an addict.


Seha wears the Black Lamb jacket, the insignia on his left sleeve. Around the jacket's collar, he has a white fur lining, similar to a winter coat. He wears a white collar shirt beneath it, and has a yellow tie. He has semi-dark khaki pants on, and wears black boots.

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Caster - Seulbi Lee


Orphaned during the Dimensional War, Seulbi grew up in an organization administered by UNION. She was selected for the Black Lambs after participating in a youth training program for CLOSERS run by the same organization.

Her potential strength may not be quite as high as the other members, but through backbreaking effort and practice she has learned to wield her power quite skillfully. In fact, in this regard, she is rated at least two levels higher than her peers.


It was that assessment that earned her the spot of the leader of the Black Lambs. She is a bit of a perfectionist, though, and this often puts her in conflict with Seha.


Seulbi wears the Black Lamb jacket, which is zipped up almost all the way, revealing the white shirt beneath and the yellow bow tied around her neck. The insignia of the Black Lambs is on her left sleeve. Around the jacket's collar, she has a white fur lining. She wears a white skirt; and Seulbi originally wore black boots in her art, but this was changed to white knee socks with black dress shoes.

Special Mechanic

Seulbi has a special mechanic exclusive to her. When Seulbi attacks a foe with basic combos, she will acquire a telekinetic object that will float behind her called a 'bit'. By using certain skills or the ZZZ[Z] combo, Seulbi's bits will home into the foe, dealing damage while lifting the foe up in the air. Her defense also increase when she has active objects. By using her Reversion skill, Seulbi can combine bits to create an even stronger bit.

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Yuri Seo - Ranger


Yuri was a pretty normal kid, growing up in a pretty average household - at least until she found out she had the makings of a CLOSER around the age of 15. This was quite unusual - the signs usually show up at a much earlier age. But even before Yuri's topological power manifested, she had been a national Kendo champion, trouncing the competition with her skills. Her physical acumen overshadows anyone else her age, which got her noticed and earned her spot in the Black Lambs project.


Unlike other members from the squad, who have been honing their skills from an early age, Yuri is still having trouble putting her abilities to use. As a result she flights with the aid of a specially designed protector and various firearms while she keeps progressing through her topological tests.

She's a cheerful and outgoing kid, and a little naive too. She signed up for the Black Lambs, convinced by promises that her work would land her a steady government job and that she wouldn't have to worry about ever going hungry.

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The Black Lambs only accept minors, but J is an exception. He was sent by UNION to support the other members, and little is known of him but the fact that he was a CLOSER who fought in the Dimensional War.

His real name and age remains as a mystery, though it is clear from the songs and the celebrities that he likes that he's at-least in his thirties.

J's job is to take part in the fighting with the other members, and , in the event that something goes wrong, to take the lead and make sure that they all make it back home alive. He suffers from a number of conditions believed to be lingering injuries from the war, and he's a lot more frail than he looks.


J is often seen taking vitamins and pills of uncertain identity, and he often complains about sore shoulders and coldness in his hands. The other Black Lambs are dying to know his real name and age, but no matter how hard they try, no one has been able to get that prized information.

His special features contain neurotic gastritis, stress related migraines, anemia, rheumatoid arthritis, acrophobia, and other chronic illnesses.

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Misteltein - Lancer


Misteltein is the youngest ever Closer member, and was sent to the Union from Berlin from a certain group, which David referred to as "them".

Not much is known about him at the moment, other than that he is the 5th member of the Black Lambs.



Misteltein is often confused for a female by the fans due to his young age, his effeminate features and his irregular fashion choice.

Misteltein's hair is a silver-colored gust cut, and his eyes are sea green. He wears a hooded baggy jacket with fur lining on the hood, with a yellow ribbon strapped loosely onto his left sleeve. Misteltein has the Black Lambs logo attached onto his jacket's right sleeve with a pin. Under the jacket, Misteltein wears what appears to be a loose, flowy tank top, along with a pair of olive-colored shorts. On his neck, he wears a brown collar. For footwear, Misteltein wears white socks with sneakers.

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