Cabal 2 - Convenient Functions and Together Gaming

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Convenient Functions


Players can move to anywhere that they want to go conveniently by paying for some in-game gold. They can be transported to other villages' teleporters with the help of village teleporter manager, they also can be transported to other places of an area by the teleporter in the area.

Teleporters in the same area Teleporters in different areas

Quest Helper

This is the quest helper for players while doing quests.

In order to make massive quests be easier to do, there are quest names and quest conditions on the right of game interface. In normal maps, there are also signs of quest beginning and ending, so that players can complete quests more easily. Besides, for the complex quests, players can click quest list to check out the detailed content of the quests.

When players meet the requirement of completing quests, they can re-check whether the quests have been finished or not to make sure there isn’t any mistakes.


Players can press button U to open party matching window immediately, so that they can find a team easily.

When quest or hunting party matching start, system will find the same level players or those who meet the requirement for you automatically.

Looking for party Automatically match quest party

Warehouse and Mailbox

Any player can use the warehouse from Warehouse manager NPC, it can keeps in-game gold and consumable items in players' backpack.

By mailbox, players can receive mails, they can send a maximum of 9 items including in-game gold every time.

Warehouse NPC and Warehouse Mailbox

Play Together

Change Channel

If players want to play in another channel with friends, they can click the icon and choose to move the channel they want to go.


Party Status

In order to achieve the same goal, players can choose join a team. They can type "/team player's name" to join the team in chat window, or team leader can click the player and invite him.

What's more, if players want to talk with teammates, they can type "/party" or "/p" to enter party chatting channel.


Players can ask Guild Management office of City Hall to create a guild. It doesn't needs any fees of creating a guide, but there is length limitation of guild name.

Guild/Mercenary Management NPC Guild Window

Peer Chatting

Peer Chatting Window

Peer Chatting is a customized chatting tool for the players who have the same or similar level or exp. By the shortcut key V, players can create or enter a peer chatting room.

With the upgrading of level, players can change from primal peer chatting room to other rooms. The meaning of the setting is players can know more in-game friends who have the same or similar level, so that they can level up together.

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