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There are Western Federation of Nations that led by Reinfeldt and Eastern Federation of Merchants led by Echsteel. The class system seems to be the traditional warrior-mage-healer type.

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Lethe Island

In the video above, you can see an area called Lethe Island: the terrain, the shadow, the change of weather, and day/night shift. Well, the graphic is amazing enough, but what the gameplay? According to ESTsoft, each class in Cabal 2 has distinctive scenario. Players will have more freedom on developing their characters and using skills. The game's development is based on 4 principles: popularity, richness, high quality and unique.


This video is combat footage! You can find different classes in the video, and what we know about the classes is that each of them will have distinctive scenario. Besides, you'll have various choices on character customization and growth.


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