Cabal 2 - Combat System and Character Training

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Combat System and Relevant Content

Target Select

How to select targets during combat:

Type Key Explanation
Keyboard Tab Automatically Select
Mouse Left Mouse Button Manually Select

It will take priority of the nearest monsters to attack. Notice the monsters around you.

Attack and Skills

Choose a target to attack, and get close to it.

If players are able to attack monsters with magical skills in situ when using normal attack or skills on the shortcut bar, then they will do, if not, players will move to the closer place automatically and attack.

When target's HP is much higher than characters during combat, players can choose Escape to be out of the combat when necessary.

Successive Skills

Successive skills' window

In all kinds of skills, there are some skills which can be linked up then used to attack enemies continuously. With the leveling up of characters, when reach a specific level, the characters are able to learn successive skills of next stage.

When players start using a successive skill, shortcut bar will display the next usable successive skill's icon, if players use the skill before the skill icon disappear, it means that the successive skills have been release successfully.


There are basic attack and combo attacks by using skills in the game, when using combo attacks successfully, it can increase Crit effect.

After using combo skills, players can keep attacking enemies by basic attack or combo attack in the moment when players hit them, to achieve combo.

If the number of combo hits keeps increasing during a time, the game interface will show 'Excellent'.

Combo hit successfully

How to use recovery items

Players need to consume HP/MP while combat, they can use recovery item to restore HP and MP. There are three kinds of recovery items:

Immediately Recovery HP/MP Potion Restore HP/MP immediately after using the potions
Sustainable Recovery HP/MP Potion Increase HP/MP in a certain time after using the potions
First Aid Kit Restore HP/MP in a certain time after using the kit, but players can't do other things during recovery time

Using Sustainable Recovery HP/MP Potion Using First Aid Kit

Note: The HP/MP potion will change together with players' level.

Character's Death and Resurrection

Players can't join other activities except for chatting when the character use up HP and die while combat.

Players can click Resurrection button to revive in the near safe village in this case, meanwhile characters have debuffs such as slow down the walking speed. Players can remove the debuffs at healing NPC, of course, they need to pay.

Character Died Healing NPC

Character Training


Players can level up by various quests. The interesting storyline of Cabal 2 not only let players experience the wonderful world, but also gain necessary items and exp at the same time.

Accept and doing quest.

There are three phase of a quest, start, in progress, complete. Repeatable Quest


Dungeon Entrance

When reach admission requirement and specific level, players can enter corresponding dungeons according to Dungeon Entrance.

Compared to wild maps, dungeons not only densely covered monsters, in some special locations there are also Bosses.

Players can get exp and rare items in dungeons. After reaching Dungeon Admission level, the number of admission will be limited.

Usually it's better to have a party to do dungeons. Team members can ask for teaming up via Invation and Search.

Dungeon Quest More powerful boss in dungeons

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