Cabal II Characters

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Warrior | Wizard | Force Blader | Force Shielder | Force Archer | Priest


Control Difficulty ★ ★
Weapon Sword, Chain
Armor Heavy Amor

Born from the Western Continent, they share the same root as Force Shielders.

Instead of carrying a shield, they use a gigantic two-handed sword with sheer destructive power.

They look more violent than Force Shielders, but they have the spirit of chivalry and pursue moderation in swordsmanship.


Control Difficulty ★ ★
Weapon Wand
Armor Cloth Armor

This character class had branched off from the class of priests.

They're the ones who had refused to be a part of the Holy Curia or any other religious sects for that matter, and they founded a school soon after becoming independent. They have relatively low vitality and defense, but they can manipulate the energy of the Force and contain them with spells.

They attack by casting spells.

The higher the level of spell, the more destruction it can cause.

So they usually become the primary target as soon as a battle starts.

They are often criticized by some priests because they fight battles only for the sake of destruction.

Force Blader

Control Difficulty ★ ★ ★ ★
Weapon Sword
Armor Leather Armor

Their Force Artifacts are special swords added with the Force that maximizes the potential of their weapon.

Especially, they are skillful in neutralizing the Force attaks of the opponents.

The destructive power varies according to one's Force potential, and some sink into the eternal darkness as their continue on with their training.

Ordinary people without the natural talents have to resort to using Force Artifacts, made with Force Stones, to use the Force.

When the Force Artifacts are used by the born users of the Force, they come to yield some serious destructive power.

Force Archers and Force Bladers are the classes of the Old Empire who were specifically trained to use such Force Artifacts.

Force Shielder

Control Difficulty ★ ★
Weapon Sword, Shield
Armor Heavy Armor

They form the majority of the Royal Guards and Imperial Army in the Main Continent.

They have added the Force to their combat skills, enabling them to command the other members on the front line of the battlefield.

They carry a gigantic shield that1 s so heavy that normal people can't even lift, and use it to protect themselves and other team members.

They also have great sword fighting skills, making them a subject of envy to many Force trainees.

Force Archer

Control Difficulty ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Weapon Bow and Arrow
Armor Leather Armor

They Attack with bow, which is one of the Force Artifacts that shoots arrows formed by high concentration of energy.

They use various battle gears that has been inspired by the technology of the Old Empire. They show extremely fast attack speed.

They are the restored versions of the most powerful and respected classes of the Old Empire. This restoration is regarded as the most outstanding achievement of the Reinfeldt Force Training School.

One must be born with the natural talent to use the Force.


Control Difficulty
Weapon Force Slate, Crystal
Armor Cloth Armor

Born from the Western Continent, only the members of the Holy Curia can train to become a priest and join this character class.

They maximize and use their inner faith by borrowing the power of the Maic Book that's said to include a map of the Force that flows in this world.

They live up to the basic doctrine of the Holy Curia, which is to protect others and avoid destruction, by using the skills that heal the wounded.


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